How using generative AI in the classroom may harm students: Opinion

In a recent article for The Conversation, Tamika Worrell (Macquarie University) discusses the problems associated with using artificial intelligence (AI) to incorporate Australian Indigenous perspectives and content into the classroom. Following a recent Australian government directive to incorporate Indigenous content into the classroom, Worrell writes that some teachers may be tempted to use generative AI to quickly “check the box.” However, Indigenous people have raised several concerns around generative AI, such as the software’s foundation on western knowledge and concerns related to Indigenous data sovereignty. Additionally, generative AI can perpetuate misinformation and—as in the case of images—make it easy to generate “Indigenous-style” artwork, threatening Indigenous peoples’ art and cultural knowledges. The author asserts that teachers who use generative AI carelessly risk spreading misinformation and inaccuracies instead of authentically engaging with Indigenous knowledge.

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