Indigenous-focused programming launched at colleges, universities across Canada

Several postsecondary schools have announced new Indigenous-focused courses and programs. Two programs are intended primarily for faculty and staff: Concordia University’s Office of Indigenous Directions has launched a non-credit Cree-language course as part of its Pîkiskwêtân Indigenous Learning Series, while Loyalist College and First Nations University have partnered to deliver the 4 Seasons of Reconciliation employee education program to Loyalist’s staff and faculty. Other programs are intended to bring learning opportunities to northern and rural communities. The Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research is partnering with the University of Regina to offer an Indigenous Education Doctorate program. Throughout their studies, students will learn about Métis local knowledge, history, spirituality, and culture within national and international contexts. The Atik Mason Indigenous Pilot Pathway program, which prepares students from the North for careers as pilots and offers an opportunity to pursue further pilot credentials through Moncton Flight College, is expanding to Rankin Inlet.

Concordia | Nation Talk (Loyalist) | GDI | Penticton Herald (Atik Mason)