Indigenous, newcomer advocates call for Winnipeg school board electoral map changes

Indigenous and newcomer advocates are calling for the electoral maps of Winnipeg school boards to be changed so that each ward is represented by one trustee. In the 2021 State of Equity in Education reports, individuals from the Winnipeg Indigenous Executive Circle (WIEC), Newcomer Education Coalition, and Community Education Development Association (CEDA) argued that this change would boost representation within trustees. “Structurally, governance is an issue, said CEDA co-director Tom Simms. “White people run the school system.” The advocates argue that it is easier for trustees to get to know a smaller number of schools and say that this system would be more accessible to people who may not have thought they could run for public office. “It’s just really important that we’re reflecting the diversity, socioeconomic experiences, cultural experiences (that students have),” said co-author of WIEC’s State of Equity in Education report Heather McCormick.

Winnipeg Free Press