Indigenous student applications rise at BrandonU

In a recent article for the Brandon Sun, John Gleeson discusses the increasing Indigenous student applications and engagement at institutions such Brandon University. Applications from students who identify as Indigenous have risen by 29% compared to last year throughout all the university’s faculties. Education (43%) and science (42%) saw the highest increase, which Gleeson explained is particularly important because of the demand for more Indigenous teachers in Winnipeg’s school districts to help close the gap in graduation rates between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Outside of BrandonU, Gleeson points to other efforts supporting Indigenous students: The province has created a new assistant deputy minister position for Indigenous excellence in education and the University College of the North has expanded its Indigenous teacher-focused bachelor of education program. Other postsecondary institutions have been making efforts to increase Indigenous engagement, including BrandonU’s inclusion of Indigenization language in its new collective agreement with faculty and the University of Manitoba’s Indigenous Leaders gala.

Brandon Sun