Langford elementary school gifted new name by Scia’new First Nation

A new elementary school in Langford has received a new name gifted by the Scia’new First Nation: SĆIȺNEW̱ SṮEȽIṮḴEȽ (pronounced schee-ay-nuh ska-leetk-luth). The name means “salmon children” in the SENĆOŦEN language. “SĆIȺNEW̱ represents the richness of the sea life in our region that sustains our land and people,” said Chief of Scia’new First Nation Russ Chipps. “SṮEȽIṮḴEȽ is one of the most important words in SENĆOŦEN language because it means children and, in our culture, they are our most precious resource.” The name also represents the Sooke School District’s commitment to reconciliation. Chipps noted that while the name might initially be difficult to pronounce, it is a metaphor for the learning children do at school, which is challenging at first but gets easier with practice and guidance. “Together we are learning the language of this land that was forgotten by force and I hope a school name in our language makes it better for not only our children but all children,” said Scia’new Elder Lavina Charles.

Langford | Prince George Citizen