MB, ILM collaborate to increase speakers and translators of Indigenous Languages

The Government of Manitoba is partnering with Indigenous Languages of Manitoba Inc to build Indigenous language proficiency, literacy, and translation capacity in the province. MB will be providing a one-time $300K grant to support the creation and operation of two language programs over the next three years. “Our people have a right to their language and to be connected to their cultures, and just as the calls to make language a priority have remained loud and strong, we are finally moving to build sustainable immersion environments that focus on the development of language speakers,” said ILM Executive Director Melanie Kennedy. “This funding will give us the opportunity to balance the scales to build long-term capacity and to genuinely make an impact when it comes to the survival of our languages while paving a path of acceptance and opportunity for our children and future generations.” The outcomes of the proposed programming include speakers and translators in Dakota, Michif, Ininímowin (Cree), and Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe).