MMF celebrates official opening of Elbert Chartrand Child Care Centre

The Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) has celebrated the official opening of a new childcare facility in Swan River called the Elbert Chartrand Child Care Centre. The facility has space for 40 infant and pre-school-aged children and will provide culturally-focused programming celebrating the language, culture, and heritage of the Red River Métis. In addition to meaningful daily activities and land-based learning, the facility will offer parenting programs such as the Little Métis Literacy Program, Super Dad, and Super Kids. “These centres ensure our children will grow up with pride and understanding of who they are and what it means to be Red River Métis,” said MMF Minister of Early Learning & Child Care Frances Chartrand. “The centres also offer permanent and well-paid employment for child care workers, which creates economic spinoffs like giving families an income that can be used to purchase or upgrade homes, save for their children’s education, or perhaps even pursue education themselves.”

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