MSA raise concerns about not being allowed to walk in flag at CASS education conference

Individuals from the Métis Settlements of Alberta (MSA) are raising concerns about not being allowed to walk its flag in at the College of Alberta School Superintendents’ (CASS) First Nation, Métis and Inuit education conference, reports The Star. Métis Settlements General Council President Herb Lehr reportedly had travelled to the conference to carry the flag, but was told he would not be able to participate. Instead, the conference used the Seven Oaks flag, which CASS executive director David Keohane said represents all the Métis in the province. Kikino school principal Laurie Thompson said that Métis Settlements often are dismissed in education and raised concerns about students learning only about one Métis group. “Where I have left this is, and it’s to the acceptance of the Elder advisory committee, is that we engage in a discussion with all participants, including the Métis Settlements, about how to proceed with this in future areas […] so we have a ceremony protocol that is supported and endorsed by all parties,” said Keohane.

The Star