New Indigenous engagement guide provides best practices for working with Indigenous communities

A new resource called the Dewemaagannag/My Relations Indigenous Engagement Guide will provide educators with recommendations and best practices for working with Indigenous communities. The guide, which was created by Geneviève Sioui (Wendat Nation) with the assistance of student Amanda Shawayahamish (Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek community), was inspired by the questions Sioui received when she first started working at Concordia University. The guide places an emphasis on building reciprocal relationships, highlights how important it is for non-Indigenous researchers to advocate for better practices for issues such as confidentiality, and discusses Indigenous sovereignty over information. It is intended to be a “living document” which will be updated as practices change and which recognizes mistakes as part of the process of building reciprocal relationships.

University Affairs