New Pirurviapik Inuit child-care centre opens in Ottawa

The Inuuqatigiit Centre has opened a new Inuit child-care centre in Ottawa called Pirurviapik, which means “a place to grow” in Inuktitut. The new centre will operate out of a space in the Rideau High School which underwent three years of renovation to fit Inuit design elements. Pirurviapik will provide up to 49 Inuit children between the ages of six months and five years with an environment where they are immersed in Inuktitut and provided with culturally significant toys and games. “The Inuit culture has tried to survive in an urban setting,” said centre executive director Stephanie Mikki Adams. “Ensuring that our children still have the knowledge and capability to speak, write, and understand Inuktitut is very important to ensure that our culture and language thrives.”