NV announces DEAs to be funded on full-time basis, receives report on school condition

Two important announcements have recently come out of Nunavut. First, the Government of Nunavut and the Coalition of Nunavut District Education Authorities (DEAs) have announced increased funding to support the full-time employment of DEA office managers. The executive secretarial services and administrative duties taken on by DEA Office Managers make it possible for DEA members to focus on strategic thinking and bring their community’s voice to school programs. Second, Nunatsiaq News reports that NV has received a report on the repairs required for Ataguttaaluk Elementary School. NV requested a building condition assessment on Ataguttaaluk—which is reportedly one of the territory’s oldest elementary schools—back in October. The recently released report has identified 127 issues with the building, including 58 issues that are deemed high priority or critical due to code violations or posed hazards.

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