Schools host Spring powwows to kick off powwow season, celebrate graduates

Several schools in Canada held their annual Spring powwow celebrations over the last month. In Ontario, St Clair College and the University of Windsor came together to host the third annual Windsor Indigenous powwow, featuring a student powwow with over 1,000 students from the region. Rosseau Lake College’s annual powwow—which began as a student initiative and has grown into a broader community event—will be held in early June. In the prairies, First Nations University of Canada welcomed over 800 dancers and 20 drum groups to its 45th annual powwow, while the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg celebrated their recent graduates with traditional graduation powwows. “My official graduation … was in October 2023, but this being so much more to be able to do it in an actual powwow,” said UManitoba grad Deborah Hatton, who is Mohawk. “It gives me a chance to show everyone that I am Indigenous.”

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