TNDC, TCG, BC, CMC, industry partner to create Heavy Equipment Operator training program

The Tahltan Nation Development Corporation, the Tahltan Central Government, the Government of British Columbia, Coast Mountain College, and other industry partners have collaborated to create a pilot Tahltan Nation Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program. The program is intended to address the need for experienced heavy equipment operators with TNDC and in the Tahltan Territory in northwest British Columbia. Learners will take part in a mixture of workplace safety training, underground miner fundamentals, on-the-job practical operating work experience, camp life exposure, and more. “I am thrilled at the opportunity this course will create for Tahltans wishing to pursue a career that allows them to be trained in Tahltan Territory and encourages them to use their skills in our communities after completion,” said Chad Norman Day, President of the Tahltan Central Government. “World-class mining cannot exist in Tahltan Territory without Tahltans being included in the workforce. We support breaking down any barriers that have traditionally prevented our members from accessing employment opportunities.”

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