UBC expands Salmon Science Camp for Nisga’a through Ărramăt Project

The University of British Columbia is expanding its Salmon Science Camp for Nisga’a thanks to funding from the Ărramăt Project. Using the funding, Dr Andrea Reid, principal investigator of the Centre for Indigenous Fisheries at UBC, will be expanding the camps with a focus on conservation and biodiversity and exchanges with Indigenous communities. Individuals from neighbouring Nations will be able to attend the camps to learn about fish and preparation methods and engage in cross-cultural learning with other youth from across British Columbia. “These camps open a door to science and immersive learning experiences for Indigenous youth that might not necessarily be available due to the location of Gingolx, and they get to see a whole range of Nisga’a citizens as experts and scientists,” said Reid in an interview. “This might mean they begin to see science as a future avenue for themselves, and view caring for salmon in the way Nisga’a have always done as not only an act of stewardship, but a truly scientific practice.”