Acadia alumni association hopes for relaunch of safe drinking program

Acadia University’s alumni association is hoping to relaunch a program called the Blue and Red Crew that promotes safe drinking. The Blue and Red Crew was launched in 2012 after the alcohol-related death of an Acadia student, but was disbanded due to limited resources. CBC reports that the alumni association wants to restart the program as a four-year pilot project to encourage safe behaviour, with the goal that every student knows a trained team-member. While the alumni association would cover most of the cost, it is hoping to receive funding from the local municipality and the university. “It shouldn’t just be the town or Acadia saying, ‘You know, this is what you have to do’,” said Mayor Wendy Donovan. “It would be really nice if the students had an opportunity to be partners in community harmony.” CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.