Acadian groups call for renaming of UMoncton


Some Acadian groups are calling for the Université de Moncton to change its name to address its connection to Robert Monckton, who was involved in the deportation of the Acadians in 1755. While the university is named after the city rather than the person, CBC reports that some Acadians feel that it should be changed as a gesture of liberation and pride. Around 860 individuals recently signed a letter requesting that the institution change its name. UMoncton Historian Maurice Basque told CBC that others in the community are not in favour of the name change and explained that university founder Clément Cormier chose the name purposefully to symbolize that the city belongs to Acadians as well as Anglophones. UMoncton President Denis Prud’homme said that he would consider changing the name if there is “pronounced public interest.”

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