AGPI releases 2024 report on antisemitism on university campuses

The Abraham Global Peace Initiative (AGPI) has released the Canadian Universities Antisemitism Report 2024. The report discusses the rise of antisemitism on campuses across Canada, including student union involvement, DEI departments and their silence on antisemitism, and a province-by-province analysis of challenges. AGPI assessed universities from the Canadian provinces on their institutional policies, education and awareness, faculty and staff training, incident response, campus culture, and monitoring and assessment. The universities were then awarded a letter grade based on the results—from A to F. The report concludes with a list of eight questions that can be used to guide educators who are discussing conflicts in the Middle East. AGPI CEO Avi Benlolo and AGPI Director of Education Neil Orlowsky provide a summary of the report findings in an article for the National Post.

AGPI World | National Post | Winnipeg Free Press