BC private college president worries about impacts of new measures

Pacific Rim College President James Christian spoke to the Times Colonist about how the provincial crackdown on private institutions that are acting unscrupulously may impact legitimate private institutions. Christian said that he supports the overall goal of the changes, but that the measures also complicate processes for colleges that do meet the relevant standards. “It feels like it paints every post-secondary private institution with the same brush, that they are not doing a good job or breaking the rules,” said Christian, who added that he feels that colleges such as his—which have passed rigorous screenings, complete annual audits, and track student attendance—are being “wrongly being included in that group.” Sprott Shaw College President Victor Tesan also spoke to the Times Colonist. Tesan said that the college mostly has domestic students, but that it supports Canada in ensuring that Canada’s international student program is stable and secure.

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