BCcampus releases new peer-support training resource for students

BCcampus has released a new peer-support training resource. The Post-Secondary Peer Support Training Curriculum: Facilitator’s Guide for Use with Students will help students build peer support skills focused on promoting student mental health and wellness. The resource is a licensed, accessible, and modular training resource that can be adapted by postsecondary institutions to their particular use case. It includes a facilitator’s guide that provides resources such as sample facilitation templates, suggested module activities, and best practices for training delivery. “What this foundational training is really about is building that connection,” said Jenn Cusick, who helped to create these resources. “It’s about learning the skills of how to be a better listener, letting go of one’s biases, appreciating people exactly where they’re at.” BCcampus Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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