Brock unveils new name for department: Department of Classics and Archaeology

Brock University has renamed its Department of Classics as the Department of Classics and Archaeology to better reflect the department’s focus and inclusivity. The new name highlights a global approach to classics and emphasizes the use of diverse perspectives within the discipline. “We have been actively working to take a more proactive, global and inclusive focus, where we make an effort to engage with multiple kinds of evidence and consider it from diverse perspectives,” said Brock Department Chair Katharine von Stackelberg. “We actively consider the positive and negative impacts of classics and classical scholarship on modern lives, institutions and arguments.” Newer courses focusing on topics such as gender, enslaved peoples, children, migration, ethics, and mortuary archaeology reflect these changes, and the department is hoping to continue to be more global and inclusive in the coming years. Brock Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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