Brock, UWaterloo leaders discuss need for government funding, flexibility 


Brock University President Lesley Rigg and University of Waterloo VP Academic and Provost James W E Rush have each recently penned updates on the need for government funding to support their institution’s financial sustainability. Both writers pointed out how constraints such as frozen operating grants, restrictions to enrolment growth, and cuts to tuition rates have put financial pressure on their institutions. Rush wrote that UWaterloo’s budget cuts and hiring freezes have not been enough to address budget deficits: UWaterloo will end the fiscal year with a $15M operating budget deficit. Rush noted that the institution is far from alone in this, as deficits are also being reported at Queen’s University, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the University of Guelph. Rigg also noted that Brock can “no longer continue to offer a world class education and exceptional student experience” unless the province takes action. Rush echoed this call for action, proposing a one-time infusion of funding as well as an increase to base funding and tuition.  

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