Buried remains of professor on UManitoba campus paint vivid image of history


In a recent article, CBC Reporter Daren Bernhardt discusses the remains of prominent scientist Arthur Henry Reginald Buller, which are buried on the campus of the University of Manitoba, and the glimpse they offer into the university’s history. The Tyndall stone monument outside the Buller Biological Laboratories contains the cremated remains of Buller in its base. “The monument that the cremains are interred in is fairly nondescript,” said UManitoba Head of Archives and Special Collections Heather Bidzinski, who noted that people likely do not know they are passing by the remains of Buller. Bernhardt discusses Buller’s work in establishing the school; his relationship with the school, which ended on a negative note; and the reasons why his remains and materials were given to the university after his death despite his wishes that they not be.