Campuses should respond to climate change through taking a “default veg” position: Opinion


Campuses should offer plant-based foods as a default to respond to climate change, writes Dalhousie University Associate Professor Kathleen Kevany. Kevany writes that a “default veg” position would normalize plant-based dishes in dining halls, campus catering, conferences, and other events. Caterers could make plant-based foods more attractive and more plentiful while still offering meat dishes for those who choose them. The author argues that as leaders in sustainability, universities should shift to a “default veg” approach to reduce meat consumption and support more sustainable food habits. “Communing over food – sharing a meal and the comfort that comes with it – creates community,” writes Kevany. “So where better than a university to serve food that serves the interests of us all?” University Affairs Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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