Campuses, students navigate challenges, tension brought about by Israel-Hamas war


Several Canadian campuses and students are navigating challenges and tension related to the ongoing the Israel-Hamas war. CBC spoke to York University students, Shannon Dea (University of Regina), Dax D’Orazio (Queen’s University), and Adam Muller (University of Manitoba) about the importance of and difficulties with holding respectful debate and discussion on campus right now. An article from student newspaper The Varsity discusses the complexities associated with rallies, vigils, and events held on the University of Toronto’s campus, as well as the counter-protests that have accompanied them. At Western, the London Free Press and CBC report that Jewish students protested after posters of Israelis held hostage by Hamas were torn down. Over 1,000 people also recently gathered near the university to protest for Palestine and against Western’s dismissal of a Muslim chaplain, who reportedly posted divisive comments to social media.

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