Canada leads G7 as most educated workforce, but experiencing losses in key trades

Compared to any other country in the G7, Canada currently has the largest share of the population with a college or university credential, reports Statistics Canada. One-in-three working-age Canadians have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher, and there have been notable increases in the number of degree holders in fields such as health care and computer science. StatCan also noted that workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher were more likely to work in triple-protected jobs, and so tended to be protected during the pandemic. However, there are gaps in this workforce: The qualifications of some foreign-educated workers are being underused and there is notable stagnation and losses in the number of working-age apprenticeship certificate holders in trades such as construction, mechanic and repair technologies, and precision production. StatCan Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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