Canada must revamp education, retention of STEM professionals to avoid skills shortages: Editorial

In an era when a nation’s quality of life depends on the supply of science-based professionals, Canada is facing difficulties in replacing retirees in STEM-related fields, reports Gwyn Morgan for Net News Ledger. Reflecting on a recent study that found a shortage of STEM skills in the country, Morgan describes the need to fundamentally change science education to engage and motivate students to study the field. In addition to the reforms needed in the K-12 system, the author argues that it is essential to improve the retention efforts of established and international professionals. “Canada’s immigration program is doing a good job of supplying STEM-trained immigrants with vitally important skills,” writes Morgan, “but professional associations responsible for their integration need to be a source of support rather than frustration.” If changes are not made, Morgan asserts that the country could face a “brain drain.” Net News Ledger Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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