Canada’s PGWP system may harm international students: Editorial

In a recent article for New Canadian Media, Minu Mathew discusses how Canada’s Post Graduation Work Permit (PWGP) system harms international students. Mathew says that the one-time PWGP can push students to become undocumented, work in exploitative jobs that do not meet work experience requirements, or force them to apply for another student visa after their PWGP expires just to stay in Canada. Those who apply for PR through other streams often experience barriers and rejection, and the PWGP does not always last long enough for students to complete one year of work experience. Savitri Sinanan, an international student at George Brown College, says that international students face anxiety and stress throughout these processes and that they should not be viewed as a burden on the system as they contribute through their tuition. The Star (NCM) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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