Canadian nursing students need more digital health technology education: Study


A new study by researchers from the University of Alberta and University of New Brunswick claims that Canadian nursing students need more education in using digital health technologies. Manal Kleib (UAlberta), Lynn M Nagle (UNB), Karen E Furlong (UNB), Pauline Paul (UAlberta), Uira Duarte Wisnesky (UAlberta), and Shamsa Ali (UAlberta) studied nursing students’ perceptions of their own informatics competency and preparedness in digital health and found that nursing graduates felt that there were gaps in their digital health preparedness. The researchers found that nursing graduates needed more dedicated training in digital health, as there are gaps in their readiness in Nursing informatics, particularly in the domain of information and knowledge management. UAlberta Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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