Canadian universities must improve teaching on Latin America: Opinion


In an article for The Conversation, Shanti Morell-Hart (McMaster University), Rodrigo Narro PĂ©rez (McMaster), and Stacy A Creech de Castro (McMaster) argue that Canadian universities need to improve teaching about Latinx people in Canada. Since the number of Latinx people in Canada has grown rapidly in the last few years, they state that it is particularly important to improve how students are taught about Latin America and Latinx communities; ensure they are fairly represented in academia; and foster equity, diversity, and inclusion. The authors write that Latinx studies also can help provide a deeper understanding of diasporic communities and the impacts of colonial histories. The authors highlight recent research projects and the programs launched at the University of Toronto, Western University, and McMaster to help address some of these needs. The Conversation Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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