CBC Fifth Estate examines state of international student recruitment, enrolment in Canada

In a new article from The Fifth Estate, CBC reporters Nazim Baksh, Lisa Ellenwood, Mark Kelley, and Satbir Singh Aulakh discuss the critical issues surrounding international student recruitment and enrolment in Canada. They highlight the growing number of international students in Canada and write that many incoming students are enticed by recruiters’ “dubious promises of jobs and immigration.” The article further discusses negative student experiences at private career colleges and asserts that several public colleges have struck partnerships with private colleges in order to financially sustain themselves on international student enrolments. Federal Immigration Minister Sean Fraser told CBC that if certain colleges are found to be taking advantage of students, he will “make it clear” to the provincial governments that those colleges can be removed from the study permit program. CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.