CCNB, UMoncton reach out to community for housing shortage solutions


The Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick and Université de Moncton have both reached out to the surrounding community to find solutions to the student housing shortage. CCNB has proposed a series of a management agreements with New Brunswick landlords. Under this agreement, local landlords can rent out rooms that become a type of “residence;” CCNB would take responsibility for evaluating the suitability of the housing, assigning students accordingly, and managing the payments to the local homeowners. So far, 15 agreements have been signed, representing a total of approximately 90 rooms. Last week, UMoncton launched a similar appeal where it asked community members to consider renting their empty rooms to students starting this fall.

Acadie Nouvelle (Acct. Req.) | Radio-Canada | CBC (UMoncton)