CFI announces new investments into research infrastructure, bioscience facilities

The Government of Canada has announced new investments into research infrastructure and bioscience facilities this week. Over $127M has been distributed by the Canada Foundation for Innovation into biosciences facilities to ensure researchers can conduct research safely. The funding will support projects such as the expansion of the Toronto High Containment Facility at the University of Toronto, the expansion of a containment level 3 facility and establishment of a Pathogen Research Centre at Western University, an expanded lab at McMaster University, and the creation of a centre for discovery and translational research at the University of Alberta. Over $6M has also been invested through the CFI John R Evans Leaders Fund to support projects such as an initiative at Memorial University to clean up oil spills off Canada’s coastlines, University of British Columbia research on the treatment of gynecological cancers, and a Toronto Metropolitan University project focused on understanding soot particles to inform vehicle design. CFI (1)| CFI (2)| U of T Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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