College leaders in ON, MB discuss impact of international student cap on future


Several postsecondary leaders recently spoke to the media about the impact that the international student program changes will have on their respective institutions. Fanshawe College President Peter Devlin told CBC that the cap is not expected to have an impact in 2024, but that 2025 is more uncertain. “I think it’s important for all of us to realize that Ontario remains the most poorest-funded post secondary sector in Canada,” he said. “We are reliant on international students, and with that reliance comes some level of uncertainty.” In Manitoba, CTV News states that several institutions are assessing how the cap will affect their enrolment. “We’re [going to] see a drop for certain,” said Assiniboine Community College President Mark Frison, who noted that the change will especially impact business and education programming.

CBC (Fanshawe) | CTV News (MB)