Colleges Ontario releases 2022-23 key performance indicators

Colleges Ontario has released its 2022-23 key performance indicators for the 24 public colleges. The provincial average for graduation rates was 65%, with the highest graduation rates were reported by Conestoga College (72.9%) and College Boréal (71.3%). On average, 76.8% of ON college graduates were satisfied or very satisfied with their education and 85.8% were employed. The highest satisfaction rates were reported by graduates of Boréal (87.3%) and La Cité Collegiale (85.5%), while the highest employment rates were seen at Northern College (84.4%) and St Lawrence College (93.2%). 91.8% of employers said they were very satisfied or satisfied with the graduates they employed; the employers of graduates of Boréal, Confederation College, Georgian College, Loyalist College, Mohawk College, Northern, and Sault College all reported 100% satisfaction.

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