Community organizations, student unions help students find accommodations

Community associations and unions are taking steps to support students who are having difficulty finding houses. In Timmins, the Sikh Sangat of Timmins has opened up six temporary rooms to international students so they have a place to stay while searching for permanent accommodations. The temple is considering laying down mattresses at night in the main prayer room if additional students need a place to stay. The student unions at Conestoga College and the University of Calgary are also working to address student housing issues. Conestoga Students Inc is finalizing a report and recommendations based on focus groups it held during the 2020-21 academic year in order to highlight the challenges and potential solutions for students who are in need of housing. At UCalgary, student union president Nicole Schmidt states that the union appealed to Calgary City Council for support. SAIT offered UCalgary assistance with housing students until its residences filled up, and Mount Royal University has encouraged students in need of a spot to reach out to “discuss availability.” CBC (Timmins)| CBC (Conestoga)| CBC (UCalgary)| City News Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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