Community reacts to the newly named Toronto Metropolitan University

Following the announcement of the new name for Toronto Metropolitan University, the community has continued to mull over the new title. Jessica Wong of CBC reflected on how changing the name is a step to recognizing Egerton Ryerson’s legacy that will push other institutions to reconsider building, place, or institutional names. University of Toronto Instructional Assistant Dino Sossi says that the renaming is an attempt to create a balanced history and acknowledge institutional inequality, but must lead the improvement of antiquated educational practices that are harmful to Indigenous individuals. The Star Editorial Board penned an opinion piece that described the new name is “bland,” but observed that this was likely intentional, as an “inoffensive and mundane” name will blend in well with other institutions and organizations in the city. The Standard (Star Editorial Board)| The Conversation| CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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