Concordia creates Kaié:ri Nikawerà:ke Indigenous Bridging Program


Concordia University has created a new admissions pathway to help Indigenous students complete the prerequisite courses they need to pursue STEM programs at the postsecondary level. Students in the Kaié:ri Nikawerà:ke Indigenous Bridging Program will be able to enrol in math and science courses without having the prerequisites. It also includes university skills courses designed by the Student Success Centre and events at the Otsenhákta Student Centre. The program aims to remove barriers for Indigenous students who may not have been able to take the required math and science courses during high school and to ensure that students feel supported and have their needs met. “We’re trying to find opportunities for students to feel connected to their community through the seminar course, and vice versa,” Kaié:ri Nikawerà:ke Indigenous Bridging Program coordinator Saba Din. “The goal is for students to see that the work they’re doing is going to benefit them and their home as well.”