COTR responds to petition about removal of feral cat colony on campus


A petition has begun to circulate regarding the relocation of a feral cat colony that is currently housed on the College of the Rockies campus. The East Kootenay Community Animal Response and Education Society reportedly launched the petition after it was notified by COTR that the college it would be moving the colony out of its campus. The society told CBC and 100 Mile House that relocating the animals would be “inhumane, cruel, and not acceptable.” COTR issued a statement indicating the cats pose an increasing health and safety issue on campus and that they have damaged some of the vehicles used for the auto trades programs. The college has offered financial resources to support a relocation effort and states that is in discussions with the organization “to find a solution in the best interest of the feral cat colony, as well as the College.”

100 Mile House | COTR | CBC