CUEFA members go on strike after deadline expires

Faculty at Concordia University of Edmonton have officially gone on strike after the union’s deadline expired. CBC reports that the faculty union and university had agreed on some articles of a new collective agreement, but that there were still sticking points around non-faculty staff workload and salaries, a new disciplinary clause, and other concerns. The Concordia University of Edmonton Faculty Association (CUEFA) formed a picket line at Concordia Edmonton’s Magrath Mansion, a building that CUEFA president Glynis Price says is “without a clear role in the university’s core operations.” “I want to avoid [outcomes that could threaten the semester],” said Concordia Edmonton President Tim Loreman. “I remain hopeful the faculty association will bring a swift end to their strike and return to bargaining.” CBC| CTV News Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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