CUPE report finds increased community costs associated with shift to outsourcing in PSE

A new report from the Canadian Union of Public Employees has found that, while postsecondary institutions may save money by hiring private companies for custodial and food services, this comes at a cost to the community. The shift often results in lower wages, reduced sick days and benefits, and reduced access to unions for employees who often come from vulnerable and marginalized backgrounds. CUPE senior research officer Emma Lui says that the challenges and impact associated with below-living wages and a lack of sick days are passed to communities. University of Regina Professor Claire Polster says that postsecondary institutions must consider how sourcing frontline workers from private companies impacts the university community. The report includes five recommendations for postsecondary institutions and the government to address these issues, including bringing workers back in-house, expanding successorship rules, and setting a living wage with sick days. University Affairs Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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