CUSC discusses financial, employment outcomes found in 2023 Middle-Years Student Survey


The Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) has released a discussion of the financial and employment outcomes identified through its 2023 Middle-Years Student Survey. The survey involved 29 universities and almost 12,000 students across Canada. The survey found that the proportion of middle-years students who work while attending university has risen by 6% since 2014, with the average hours worked increasing to 18 per week. The proportion of students relying on their family as a source of funding for postsecondary education has trended downward, while the proportion of students receiving university scholarships and awards has trended upward. Students reported lower levels of debt than in past survey years: In 2014, the average student with debt owed just over $26K, while in 2023, the average student with debt owed about $21K. CUSC noted that the proportion of middle year students who agree that a university degree is worth the cost has declined by 14% since 2014 to 51% in 2023.