Dal assistant dean discusses gaslighting in medicine, institutional responses to racism

In an interview with CBritish Columbia, Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine Assistant Dean of Serving and Engaging Society Dr Gaynor Watson-Creed discusses her recent paper on gaslighting in academic medicine and how it can perpetuate racism. Gaslighting in academic medicine: where anti-Black racism lives discusses anti-Black racism in academic medicine and explores how institutions can address it by identifying and halting gaslighting. Watson-Creed says that though someone may have and report a negative experience, they may be met with a response asserting that they misinterpreted what happened or that it was not racism, causing the person reporting the experience to doubt themselves. “The courage that it takes to do [bring forward a complaint] is incredible, and so institutions really need to look to support the person who is in that lower power position because they’re going to need it,” said Watson-Creed. “They’re going to need that extra support as they work through these claims.” CBC Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.