Dal, Ulnooweg lay groundwork for Indigenous Inclusive Pathways to Engineering Careers Program


Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Engineering has partnered with Ulnooweg Education Centre to improve educational opportunities in engineering for Indigenous students. The partners will lay the groundwork for an Indigenous stream of the Inclusive Pathways to Engineering Careers Program over the next year. This program will remove barriers for equity-deserving students by providing tailored supports, resources, and opportunities. “Indigenous peoples have been solving complex engineering problems across Turtle Island for time immemorial,” said Dal Faculty of Engineering Dean Dr John Newhook. “Our partnership with Ulnooweg will enhance opportunities to practice Etuaptumumk — the gift of multiple perspectives, which is also referred to as Two-Eyed Seeing.” Other local donors and partners include CBCL Limited, EverWind Fuels, and Dr Bernard and Ann MacIsaac.