Dawson College petition crosses 19,000 signatures by deadline

The petition calling on the Government of Quebec to reinstate expansion funding to Dawson College has surpassed 19,000 signatures as of Tuesday at midnight, its signing deadline. In February, Dawson’s expansion project was shelved to prioritize expansion at French-speaking cégeps, reports the Daily Hive, and a petition was created online calling for the revival of the project. Member of the National Assembly Jennifer Maccarone stated that she would present the petition to the National Assembly. Dawson’s student union also sent a delegation to Quebec City to show support for the college, where DSU President Alexandrah Cardona stated: “We don’t want more than other students, we just want what is fair. We would like the government to treat all Quebec students equitably.” QC (Petition)| Dawson| Sherbrooke Record| Daily Hive| CTV News Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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