Diploma mills launch new service to capitalize on prior learning trend: Editorial 

Opinion Study

Diploma mills have launched a new category of service that has been dubbed Life Experience Degree Offerings (LEDOs), reports Wagdy Sawahel of University World News. Drawing on the findings of a recent study published in the International Journal for Educational Integrity, Sawahel explains that LEDOs are a type of service that offers qualifications and credentials based on the submission of a resume or CV alone. The service, which Sawahel calls a “misuse of the principle of accreditation of prior learning,” is particularly appealing to purchasers in an era of rising higher education costs and employer demand for higher ed credentials. Sarah Eaton (University of Calgary) and Jamie Carmichael (UCalgary) commented that fraudulent degrees and credentials “are a serious threat” to higher education and noted that many working in “either admission or registrarial services did not feel confident detecting fake degrees.” Eaton and Carmichael encouraged institutions and government bodies to work together to curtail degree mills. 

University World News | IJEI