Discussing the implementation of an anti-oppressive action framework at ECUAD

In a recent interview with BCcampus, professors Bonne Zabolotney and Cameron Neat of Emily Carr University of Art + Design discuss their work on the Co-designing with Anti-oppressive Action Frameworks for Curriculum and Pedagogy initiative. Zabolotney and Neat discuss how encouraging faculty to take part in developing the framework encouraged them to be invested in it and highlighted gaps in knowledge. Zabolotney and Neat also described how facilitating conversations before starting the project enabled them to prepare for and smoothly transition to developing the framework, and how having freedom of vocabulary enabled participants to find the roots of their shared values. In the third part of the interview, Zabolotney and Neat discuss the importance of flexibility with the framework, as well as the next steps they see for the topic. BCcampus (1)| BCcampus (2)| BCcampus (3) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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