Editorials debate benefits, deficits of MB’s proposed funding model

Two recent articles published in the Brandon Sun and Winnipeg Free Press address the topic of the performance-based funding model for Manitoba’s higher education system. In both cases, the authors point out the value of accountability, oversight, and outcomes tracking, but raise issues with how the current proposal evaluates institutions and how it will be enacted. “Accountability is necessary, and oversight is necessary, but issues remain related to how that oversight is expected to roll out,” explains an editorial published by the Winnipeg Free Press. A letter from Rosemarie and Chester Letkeman also expressed concern about how the role of institutions would be assessed, as metrics are only as valid as the “relevance they have with respect to the role, function, and purpose of the organization.” As MB’s proposal currently stands, they write, it risks having a “tactless disregard for the role of universities with respect to having a functional society and a community of informed, knowledgeable, engaged citizens.” Winnipeg Free Press (Acct. Req.)| Brandon Sun (Acct. Req.) Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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