English cégeps, private colleges to see curriculum, admission policy changes

The Montreal Gazette reports that changes will be made to the curriculum and admission policies in English cégeps and private colleges. Students will now be required to submit an English eligibility certificate when they are applying to cégeps and private colleges. The curriculum has also changed: Students beginning their studies in Fall 2023 will be required to take three 45-hour French courses in preparation for the exit exam and the number of complementary courses in their program will be reduced accordingly. In Fall 2024, anglophone students will be required to take a total of five French second-language courses and will have an option of taking three of their program courses in French. Some cégep administrators have expressed concerns about the changes being made too quickly and without adequate consideration of the recommendations made by the English cégeps. Montreal Gazette Note: Archived stories may contain dead links or be missing source links.

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