Fanshawe partners with Norfolk health care providers to create new placements


Fanshawe College’s Simcoe Campus has partnered with the Norfolk General Hospital (NGH) and the Norfolk Hospital Nursing Home (NHNH) to create placement opportunities for students and recent graduates. The partnership will create over 40 student placements so that students can develop their skills in a work setting prior to graduation while receiving guidance from an RN, RPN, or PSW; PSW and RPN graduates will also gain access to placements and jobs at NGH and NHNH, where they can secure local employment. “These placements will help us unlock the potential of our students and the communities we serve by giving aspiring nurses and PSWs an incredible opportunity to get their foot in the door where they can begin to make an impact on the community,” said Fanshawe’s Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus Associate Dean Donna Gates.

Simcoe Reformer | Norfolk Today