Five questions for postsecondary institutions in 2024: Editorial 


“If 2023 was higher ed’s year of reckoning, 2024 is poised to emerge as the year when we finally test the potential of groundbreaking innovations,” writes Scott Pulsipher (Western Governors University) for the evoLLLution. Reflecting on the last year in postsecondary education, Pulsipher proposes five questions for academic leadership for 2024 that interrogate if institutions will embrace change or stick to the status quo. He asks if the shift to online education will accelerate; whether institutions will harness the potential of emerging technologies; if AI could drive a resurgence in liberal education; whether non-degree pathways could re-imagine the degree; and how income driven repayment plans might impact US postsecondary education. The author concludes that with a commitment to progress, there is reason to be hopeful going into 2024.  

The evoLLLution